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The hallmark of the Locanda del Biancospino is the combination of refinement and familiarity, which allows the customer to feel at home, even having input into the food which is served.

To achieve a certain level of quality standards, the establishment has decided to make use of a kitchen with induction burners, a technologically advanced installation that it has several advantages, summarized as follows:

  • Safety: absence of naked flames, lack of emissions from combustion and risks related to gas leaks;
  • Hygiene: the ceramic glass surface is completely smooth, allows the kitchen to be kept perfect clean;
  • Efficiency: high energy saving, higher heating rate, uniform cooking;
  • Design: simple, modern style.

The rustic and minimalist décor is in keeping with quality of the cooking, in that it skilfully mixes simplicity and substance. The eternity of wood – dressers, tables and chairs in classic designs – is combined with the artisan traditions of Bergamo, the result of thousands of years of knowledge, in a perfect blend between the antiquity of the furniture and the modernity of the kitchen.

To complete the pleasant atmosphere, breath-taking view of the Cinque Terre Val Gandino can be enjoyed from the large veranda and also from the rooms. Proud of their identity and their own history, the towns of the “golden valley” are the home of the masters of wool and fabrics, as well as the birthplace of barbed corn and yellow polenta.

The kitchen traditionalist scrupulously follows the four seasons, describing the flavours of their land during the year. The dishes vary monthly, to make best use of the first fruits of the area, providing customers with new scents every season.