About Us

Locanda del Biancospino

“Oh, my dear old friend, how fortunate we are to be walking here together on such a charming day! Don’t you see how pretty they are, all these trees–my hawthorns, and my new pond, on which you have never congratulated me? “Marcel Proust, Swann's Way, in In Search of Lost Time
Our family comes from a background in the textile-manufacturing industry. For the love of the land of Bergamo, they decided to transform their holiday home into an inn. This was a fascinating challenge, while the Val Gandino was known throughout Italy for its textile industry and the production of the sturdy cloth called “panno grosso”; it was not a popular tourist destination.

Conceived in late 2002, Locanda del Biancospino officially opened for business in 2005, entrusting the management of the kitchen to the ability and experience of a renowned Italian chef. In September 2008, following the initial project to create the inn, the culinary style of the restaurant took a sharp about-turn, becoming a typical family restaurant. The many strengths of the new management include creating warmth and traditional character, giving the room a unique atmosphere, which is particularly noticeable on family occasions.

The name of the inn is a special dedication to the many pages that Marcel Proust reserved for the hawthorn in Du côté de chez Swann, the first volume of his magnum opus In Search of Lost Time. In addition, among the Celts, the Hawthorn tree was considered the secret bower of the fairies, goblins and spirits that inhabited the enchanted woods in the Middle Ages while the branches of the shrub were used as talismans, perfect to ward off curses, witches and vampires.

Nestled in a wooded area, Locanda del Biancospino is the ideal location to set up fine banqueting for baptisms, communions, confirmations, birthdays, class graduation parties or business dinners. If you are looking for an oasis of peace where nature reigns supreme, Locanda del Biancospino is the location for you; away from the hustle of the city and the daily routine, you will be accompanied only by the sound of water, the scent of flowers, the goodness of the fruit of the season and the night light of the fireflies, in an unparalleled sensory ecstasy typical of the bucolic, magical and enchanted world of the fairy tale.